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Mountain Cedar Woolens

Gulmira Designer of Cedar Mountain Woolens Vista 360Mountain Cedar Woolens was founded by Gulmira Akmatova. The signature of the line is hand-weaving combined with felted decorative details. MCW produces a wide variety of hand-woven products, including blankets, throws and apparel. Gulmira's studio is engaged in the entire product process. They raise sheep on the family farm as well as purchasing wool from other Kyrgyz shepherds. They work with village women to do the hand-spinning and train young students to weave, helping to revive hand-weaving in Kyrgyzstan after it nearly disappeared during the Soviet era.

Mountain Cedar Woolens was founded in 1992 and has received many awards throughout the years for its high quality workmanship and design. In 2009, Ms. Akmatova was recognized as Best Entreprenuer of Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).